We would all love to have a quicker make up routine. Constantly filling in our brows is something that requires more time and upkeep than we like to admit. As the beauty world has evolved from the journey of red lipstick to nude, change has also happened to our most prominent features…. 


Brows have become the backbone of the industry in recent years and let’s be honest they have also become the framework for our face. However with so many different options out there how do we know what to do?

Let us introduce to you Henna…

 Henna is becoming one of the most demanded treatments in the industry. If you are wanting to add volume and definition to your brows but you are not quite ready to take on the permanent road of tattooing then Henna is perfect for you. 

With a choice of seven different highly pigmented , luxurious colours , we are able to create the perfect custom shade for each and every skin tone.

How is henna different from tinting?

Unlike tinting, Henna is naturally derived and also doesn’t require an oxidising agent to penetrate the hair. Instead Henna coats the hairs with a conditioning colour, creating the appearance of thick healthy brows similar to tattooing.

Not only does it offer you a fuller look by staining the skin but it also commonly lasts longer than tinting!

Our Complete tips and tricks for Henna:

Exfoliation of the brows is super important when it comes to Henna. By “scrubbing” the brows 24 hours beforehand you remove the dead skin cells allowing it to penetrate better- giving you longer lasting results. 

Let them grow! That is what we are here for. We will discuss the CORRECT shape for your face and offer you a brow plan to ensure you achieve the results you will love. 

So take the leap. Become a makeup minimalist. Give your brows the definition and volume without the hassle of filling them in thanks to Henna.

Cerise – Head Therapist at Complete Beauty