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Completely indulge in one of these rejuvenating beauty treatments today.


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Allow our qualified, professional therapists take care of all your waxing needs in our safe, hygienic environment. We use CaronLab Australia waxing products for our hair removal services and finish off with After Wax Soothing Lotion with Tea Tree Oil. This massage lotion removes wax residue while soothing and purifying the skin.

For all large areas we use Deluxe Strawberry crème Strip wax. This wax is soft and silky containing Titanium Dioxide that reduces skin redness and is ideal for delicate and sensitive skin. 

For bikini line, underarms and face we use Brillance. It’s unique, creamy formula and highly flexible texture works brilliantly on even the most delicate and sensitive areas of the face and body and reduces skin redness. 


Full Leg 45 min $70

This service extends from the bikini line all the way down to the toes. 

Full Leg Incl Bikini line 60min $75

This service extends from the bikini line all the way down to the toes. It also includes the removal of any hair in the bikini area. 

Upper Leg incl Knee 45min $60

This service extends from just below the knee up to the bikini line. 

Half leg incl Knee 45min $60

This service extends from just above the knee all the way down to the toes. 

Bikini 20min $30

This service is the removal of hair along the bikini line.

In-betweeny Bikini 30mins $45

This service is the removal of hair along the bikini line but extends further in. 

Brazilian (1st time) 45min $65

Full removal of all hair from the pubic area. 

Brazilian maintenance 30min $55

Only applicable once a full Brazilian has been performed by Complete Beauty. This service needs to be booked every 6 weeks from your original Brazilian wax. 

Forearm Arm 30min $30

This service extends from just below the elbow down to the fingers.

Underarm 15min $25 

This involves waxing of the arm pit area only.

Lip 10min $15

This involves waxing of the top lip only.

Chin 10min $15

This involves waxing of the chin area only.

Lip & Chin 20min $25 

Full face 30min $50

This includes waxing of the forehead, cheeks, upper lip, chin and eyebrows.

Male waxing:

Full Leg wax 75mins $75

This service starts from the top of each thigh down to the toes. 

Forearm 45mins $45

This extends from just above the elbow down to the fingers.

Chest Wax 45min $75

This extends from below the neck line.

Back & Shoulder Wax 75mins $75

This extends the entire back area including the shoulders. 


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We carry a selection of over 30 shades of nail polish colours and use only the best quality nail products. For our clients’ hands and feet, we use BareLuxury by Morgan Taylor

We pride ourselves on having a high standard of hygiene and take a holistic approach to our manicures and pedicures with fragrances and formulas designed for the ultimate sensory experience.


Half Manicure 30mins $45
This includes quick soak, filing and cutting of nails, gently pushing back cuticles and nail lacquer application.

Half Pedicure 40mins $50
This includes a quick soak, filing and cutting of nails, gently pushing back cuticles and nail lacquer application (no heel work)

Complete Manicure   45mins $65
Decide whether you would like to unwind or rewind. This service includes a purifying soak, detox mask, buffing scrub, detailed nail and cuticle work, massage butter and completed with nail lacquer application. 

Complete Pedicure 60mins $85
This service includes a purifying soak, Detox mask, buffing scrub, heel work, detailed nail and cuticle work, massage butter and completed with nail lacquer application. 

Add on to any of the above services:

Paraffin wax
(Softens and moisturises hard skin) $15

A paraffin wax “dip” or “bath” is a soothing treatment in which the feet or hands are submerged. This warming treatment soothes aching joints and improves circulation, and the combination of oil and wax softens rough skin.

Gel Colour Application only $10

Removal of Non Gelish Gel $25

Nail Enhancements:

We use Gelish®, the first brush-in-bottle gel-polish ever invented. Created only for the professional market this superior gel provides a long- lasting colour without damaging the natural nail. 


Gelish Manicure 45mins $50
This includes filing and cutting of nails, gently pushing back cuticles and Gel lacquer application.

Gelish Pedicure 50mins $60
This includes quick soak, filing and cutting of nails, gently pushing back cuticles and gel lacquer application (no heel work).

(prices include removal of Gelish product ONLY)

Removal of Non Gelish Gel 20 – 30 mins $25 

Nail Rehabilitation programme using Gelish Structure Gel – 30min $30 weekly

This weekly service for 4 weeks is designed for weak nails or damaged nail plate. It includes the filing of nails, gently pushing back cuticles and Structure Gel Application.  Structure Gel provides extra strength and nourishment to a damaged nail plate. No Gel Polish can be applied during this time.  (Cuticle oil is an additional cost and is required as part of this programme)


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Tinting your eyelashes and eyebrows can enhance the natural beauty of your eyes and frame your features to their best advantage; highlighting every arch, every smile and even the occasional furrow. We can take care of all your eyelash tinting and brow shaping for those pitch-perfect eyes in our safe, hygienic treatment rooms. 


Reveal the true beauty of each expression from naturally groomed to a serious statement. We’ll create brows tailored perfectly to you. Here at Complete we use natural products from either our much loved Brows By Mii or Henna.




Brow Shape 20min $25

Your brows are measured according to your current face shape. Once the correct shape is mapped out and clearly outlined for you to see the shaping then takes place.

Brow Tint 15min $20

A vegetable-based tint is applied in feather like strokes similar to the Microblading technique. After being left on for between 5 – 10 mins the colour is removed. 

Brow Shape & Tint 30min $39

By far our most popular service.

Henna Brow 45min $45

A completely natural dye is applied in feather like strokes similar to the Microblading technique. After being left on for 20mins the colour is removed.

Henna Brow & Shape 45min $55

Henna is applied to your eyebrows and then your brows are mapped and shaped to suit you. 

Henna Brow with Lash Tint 45min $75

Henna dye application to your brow and a lash tint. 

 Complete Henna Eyes 1hour $80

Get the complete eye experience. This service includes Henna Brow, Brow Shape and Lash Tint.  

Ultimate Henna Eyes 1hour30min $150

Treat yourself to the Ultimate Henna Eye experience. This service includes a Henna Brow Tint, Brow Shape, Lash Lift and a Lash Tint.



The brands we have chosen for our lash tints is Belmacil Tint, because we believe it is the longest lasting and most gentle eyelash tint on the planet.


Lash Tint 30min $30

Lash Lift 60min $65
The Elleebana Lash Lift is a semi-permanent treatment that gives your natural lashes an illusion of perfectly curled lashes with added definition. It is a great alternative to eyelash extensions, as it requires very little maintenance and has long lasting results. Lashes are lifted onto our specially shaped lifting silicone pads before products are applied so no products will be touching your skin. Elleebana lash lift should only be performed by a certified lash specialist.

Complete Lash 60min $70
(lash tint + Lash Lift)

Complete Eyes 90mins $100
(Brow Shape, Brow tint, Lash Lift and Lash Tint)


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Spray Tanning

Our spray tan of choice is Moroccan Tan, because it offers a range of shades to suit all – from deep, ashy brown to rich violet bronzers that adapt to individual skin tones. Moroccan Tan ensures a flawless rich finish that looks and feels as every tan should. Its ethically-sourced ingredients come from across the globe, including pure organic argan oil, organic rosehip oil, and organic aloe vera ensure a deeper, richer and longer lasting seamless tan. Moroccan Tan is also fast acting, luxurious and gentle on the skin.


Complete Body 20min $45

Half Complete 15min $30

(legs and arms only)

Upper Body 15min $30

Skin Treatment and Facials

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We specialise and are trained in advanced skincare. We will give you honest solutions and skin care treatments best suited to you. Our specialised facials deliver great results and can be booked as a course.

Our rejuvenating treatments use Nimue skin Technology and Kalahari: internationally acclaimed, award-winning beauty treatments that assist with:

  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Sagging
  • Pigmentation
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Dryness
  • Oiliness
  • Acne
  • Sensitised skin

Nimue Skin Health Check & Taster Treatment  60min $99
($50 is redeemable on product purchased)

During this consultation we create the best skin care plan for you. We cleanse and exfoliate your skin and finish off with a face mask best suited to you. For this consultation please bring with all of the skin care products you use on a daily basis.

Nimue Deep Cleanse 60min $99

This is a deep cleanse treatment incorporates cleansing, steam (optional), extractions and treatment mask. Great for all skin classifications especially problematic skins. 

Nimue Active Rejuvenation Treatments 60min $150

Each Nimue treatment is customised to the current skin concern. This is an active, yet gentle and safe treatment that facilitates dermal rejuvenation. This treatment reduces pore size and enhances texture, elasticity, radiance. Each treatment consists of a double cleanse, exfoliation, application of an active serum, face mask and finishing off product. 

Kalahari Skin Care


The Kalahari Honeybush Facial Treatment is a deeply nourishing treatment that includes a relaxing facial massage that will hydrate and rejuvenate your skin leaving it soft and supple. This treatment is suitable for all skins and suitable as a maintenance treatment.


The Lipid Rich Skin Treatment is a botanical oil mask rich in essential fatty acids that hydrate even the most dry and dehydrated skin. Enriched with natural lipids from African Shea butter, Jojoba oil and Rosemary oil, the Lipid Rich Skin Treatment brings life back to dry skin.


This is an ultra-firming, de-ageing treatment rich in natural, organic Vitamin C and essential antioxidants. Our Vitamin C boosts collagen and elastin regeneration, making your skin appear visibly firmed, brightened and tightened


The Vita-gel skin treatment is a highly effective treatment gel that revitalises and rejuvenates the skin, leaving it visibly detexturised, revitalised and radiant.


The PEC Treatment is a highly effective, de-ageing and rejuvenation deep cleanse exfoliation treatment. Even rough skin will appear visibly rejuvenated, clear and brightened. 

Advanced Skin Treatments

Purebeau Fibroblast Plasma Skin Tightening Treatment

This is a revolutionary method for skin tightening and rejuvenation available at Complete Beauty with our qualified Fibroblast specialist. It is a minimally invasive, non-surgical technique, with much lower risks than a surgical face-lift and at a more affordable price. The treatment is long lasting, instant and provides results lasting for 2-3 years. It’s fantastic for sagging skin on the eyes, frown lines, facial wrinkles, crows’ feet, and tightening of facial and neck skin. We can also offer abdomen tightening, tricep tightening, skin tag removal and scar revision.

Careful assessment by our qualified specialist will ensure the right treatment plan for you. We are an honest solutions-based beauty salon, so we make sure the treatment is only offered only to our clients who will see the true benefits. To ensure this, anyone interested in a Fibroblast procedure is required to have face-to-face consultation. You must be also be over the age of 18. Skin tightening treatments start from $250.00


Dermaplaning gently removes dead skin and the tiny, fluffy hairs from the face, leaving skin super smooth and glowing. Best of all, there are no chemicals or harsh exfoliants involved. It is a very comfortable, relaxing procedure that can be combined with other beauty treatments.


Purebeau Fibroblast Plasma Treatment Consultation  45mins – $45

Purebeau Fibroblast Plasma Treatment Package Time and Price vary

Treatments include a skin peel, 1 x collagen induction treatment and 1 x PureBeau treatment on desired area.

Dermaplaning 1 hour – $120

SRC Treatments – Skin Resurfacing Treatments 1 hour – $150

We offer a variety of skin resurfacing treatments best designed to treat various skin conditions.  These types of treatments are best to be completed in a course of 6 or 8 consecutive treatments.

We offer various types of resurfacing agents:

  • 35% Glycolic
  • 5% TCA + 8.5% TCA
  • SRC Environmentally Damaged Skin
  • SRC Hyperpigmented Skin
  • SRC problematic Skin
  • Thermal Detox Peel
  • Smart Resurfacer
  • De-Age Peeling

Microneedling / Collagen Induction Therapy 1 hour – $150

Collagen Induction Therapy, also known as micro needling and dermal needling, is a revolutionary approach to anti-ageing. It stimulates the body’s own natural collagen repair and growth processes to significantly improve skin tone, texture and impurities.

Normally a course of 6 – 8 treatments is required.

What Our Clients Say…

Was such a lovely experience. The ladies was amazing with my little girl, while mommy was busy getting her nails done.

Elana Theron

Complete Beauty is your COMPLETE self-care sanctuary. We offer world-class therapies so you can look great and feel COMPLETELY alive.

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