Foundations are as customisable these days as your go-to coffee order. The amount of finishes, shades and coverage options makes it one of the tougher components of makeups to buy. Trialing different swatches under the numerous lighting differences given in beauty aisles and makeup stores also adds to the pressure of matching foundations as best as possible to your own skin. Despite all the different complexities in finding the right match for you, there are a few things to to know that will help you to pick the right one.

The Right way for the right match

When matching your foundation to your skin tone you can apply the shade just under your ear or along the jawline as that would be where your skin is lightest. This area of your face will also show any sensitivity that you might have to the product. Trying before you buy can also be important as foundation oxidizes with wear and will naturally change to a darker shade as it mixes with your skins oils and and other elements on your face. Asking for a tester pot, if possible, is a neat way to test the product over a longer period of time meanwhile making sure you get an observation under some good natural lighting.

Figure out your TRUE Undertone

Undertone isn’t always the same as your natural skin tone. Sometimes people with fair skin can have warm undertones and people with dark skin can have cool undertones. Undertone matters because colour is something that we are typically drawn to first.
Cool skin undertones can include pink or bluish hues, warm skin undertones can include yellow or gold hues and then neutral undertones which are roughly the same colour as your actual skin tone.
If you are wondering how you can be sure you are getting your undertone colour correct, check these 3 things below.

1) Have a look at your veins – If you have greenish veins then you have warm undertones and if you have blue or purplish veins you have a cooler undertone.

2) Check out your bling – We usually have a preference of gold or silver because of how it looks against our own skin. Gold wearers tend to have warm/olive undertones whilst silver/platinum wearers have cooler undertones. If you fancy both, you probably have a more neutral undertone.

3) What does Summer usually entail for you? – Those with cooler undertones tend to burn easier then those who have warm undertones.

What kind of coverage are you looking for?

Depending on your confidence with makeup and how comfortable you feel wearing it can determine what kind of coverage you may be after.
If you are looking for little coverage or a more ‘natural’ look, BB creams can be great for a light feel and are alot easier to apply than other types of foundations. When it comes to wanting to reduce the appearance of blemishes or pigmentation in the skin, you might find yourself looking for a medium coverage or full coverage which also would give your skin a flawless finish.

What’s your skin type?

This is an important factor when picking a foundation as it has a strong play in the over all appearance and finishing look of the foundation you choose to wear. Lucky there are only two options you need to worry about. Matte or Dewy. If you have normal to dry skin – dewy would be your go to finish. Too much radiance on these skin types can leave an uneasy feeling on the skin and looks oilier than it really is. Combination to Oily skin types look better with a matte finish as it helps neutralize any shine.

So there you have it, thankfully it isn’t actually rocket science when it comes to picking the right foundation for yourself. It’s just knowing a bit about your own skin and applying it to a few simple questions.

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