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Beauty is aesthetics, but it is also good skin health. It is art and it is opportunity. It is self-care and it is fun. The way we present ourselves to the world influences everything from our self-confidence to the way others perceive us.

Beauty care isn’t just a luxury, it should be part of your daily routine.

We’re here to help you be the complete you.

Our clients trust us because of our friendly, engaging approach, our attention to detail and our honest solutionsWe offer beauty therapy Orewa women and men trust.

We don’t do sugar coating or over promising.

If you’re looking for honest solutions and advanced beauty and skin care treatments, you’ll find our beauty tips and articles helpful, supportive and inspirational. Read on ……

The Importance of Probiotics

Let’s Talk Bacteria Did you know… there is more bacteria living in your gut than there are people living on this earth. It's an astronomical number - there are 100 trillion bacteria living in your intestines right now. Wow, now that's a lot of bacteria! Fortunately,...

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For the Love of Exfoliation

If you are a 90's baby from New Zealand, when you see exfoliation anywhere chances are the first thing that will come to mind will be St Ives Apricot Scrub. With the lack of knowledge and technology, the idea of a gritty scrub was the holy grail for us all. ...

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It’s A Match

Foundations are as customisable these days as your go-to coffee order. The amount of finishes, shades and coverage options makes it one of the tougher components of makeups to buy. Trialing different swatches under the numerous lighting differences given in beauty...

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Why choose Henna?

We would all love to have a quicker make up routine. Constantly filling in our brows is something that requires more time and upkeep than we like to admit. As the beauty world has evolved from the journey of red lipstick to nude, change has also happened to our most...

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What is PureBeau Fibroblast Skin Tightening?

Purebeau Fibroblast is the latest cosmetic treatment to reduce the volume of excess/sagging skin. Low risk, minimal downtime and more affordable than surgery. Purebeau Fibroblast is known for its success with non-surgical eye lifts, neck tightening and much more. The...

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Skin Care Benefits of Moroccan Tan

There’s more to tanning these days than just deepening your skin shade. With the rise of organic and natural beauty reaching peak popularity, we’re starting to demand more from all of our beauty products—from makeup to skincare and all the way through to our bronzing....

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What Our Clients Say…

I love Complete Beauty. I’ve had many treatments here ranging from facials, waxing, tinting, spray tanning, manicures and pedicures. The team at Complete are so lovely. I always feel comfortable and welcome and leave feeling 10 years younger. My next appointment will be to try the Purebeau Fibre Blast treatment which I am super excited about!

Janelle Hope

Complete Beauty is your COMPLETE self-care sanctuary. We offer world-class therapies so you can look great and feel COMPLETELY alive.

Complete Beauty

We offer beauty therapy Orewa women and men trust. To indulge in one of our complete beauty treatments, call to speak with our customer care manager, or email us. We’ll be back in touch ASAP.

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